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Project Consulting Services

ONTILITY - A Partner with Experience
Our consultants have a combined 45 years of PV design and installation experience and have brought more than 120 MW of solar electric production on line. That experience and their deep solar product knowledge makes them effective on any project under any circumstances. Let our experience and expertise increase your project capacity. Let us help you satisfy your customers with confidence and professionalism.

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Inspection and Commissioning
Solar Contractors: Build trust. Add to your credibility. Demonstrate your quality and confidence in your work.

Have your PV installations inspected and commissioned by an independent party. It shows that you have tremendous confidence in the quality of your work – you aren’t afraid to have it inspected, you aren’t cutting corners or hiding anything.

Save Money – Reduce call-backs by identifying and fixing problems before “handing over the keys.”

PV System Owners: Make sure you are getting what you pay for. Make sure your system will perform as designed. Audit production to make sure your system is producing 100%.

ONTILITY offers independent third-party inspection, commissioning and production auditing services for solar PV systems regardless of size, including grid-tied, off-grid, and those with battery back-up. All inspections and commissioning services are performed by ONTILITY Solar Consultants who are licensed electricians and NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals with extensive solar contracting and design experience.
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On-Site Project Planning, Job Management and Troubleshooting
Solar Contractors: Make jobs more profitable. Avoid costly delays.

ONTILITY provides experienced solar installers, project managers and supervisors to ensure your solar project runs smoothly. We combine our solar energy project supervision with solar industry standard on-the-job training for your staff and integration crews. Our team is made up of master electricians and NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals. Whether you need a single day of expert advice and troubleshooting or job supervision for an entire project, ONTILITY helps make sure your project is installed according to solar industry best practices, codes and standards.

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Plan Review
Solar Contractors: Save money. Avoid costly re-work. Make sure you order the right equipment the first time.

ONTILITY provides expert design and site plan review to give you confidence that the system will work on the site as designed. And if it won’t, if there are problems, ONTILITY will work with you to solve them. Don’t lift a module or drill a hole until you’ve had a thorough system plan review.
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On-Phone and E-Mail Consultation
Solar Contractors:Get the specific help you need, when you need it. Save time and money. ONTILITY provides targeted assistance for specific challenges you encounter on the job. Our expert consultants can guide you step by step through problem solving procedures and help you arrive at the best course of action in many situations.