Roof Mount PV Systems

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions
Rooftops are one of the most practical places for solar power systems and represent a source of space with few alternative uses. All un-shaded roof types, flat or sloping, are ideal for solar systems.

ONTILITY's Rooftop Site Applications include:

  • Ballasted – These systems are popular where roof penetrations are not desired or allowed. They use their own weight to provide system stability.
  • Attached – These systems weigh less than ballasted systems, but normally require roof penetrations.
  • Elevated – These systems are mounted on extensions to a building’s columns and add no weight to the roof itself.
  • Hybrid and New Technologies – Solutions by Lumeta, Solyndra, SoloPower, Unisolar, Xunlight offer leading-edge mounting technologies for a wide range of buildings and facilities.

ONTILITY has the expertise and experience to know that each solution has relative advantages. Ultimately, the choice of which approach is best for your building or facility will be influenced by the age of the roof, its structural ability to support additional weight and the expected wind or snow load requirements.

ONTILITY will be happy to work with your organization and project stakeholders to determine which rooftop application is the right choice for your building or facility.