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Commercial Solutions
Solar parking structures and canopies are an increasingly popular choice for building and facility owners and managers seeking high impact installations and a creative way to take advantage of unproductive parking lots.

Solar car structures and canopies can be built over ground-level parking lots or on top of multi-story parking garages. In addition to generating electricity, they provide shade for parked cars and can turn hot, exposed areas into pleasant, shaded ones. On a larger scale, solar canopies reduce a site's contribution to the local "urban heat island" – the retention of heat by paved surfaces.

Most solar car parking structures and canopies are fixed tilt, but can also include single-axis trackers.

Because of the strong association between solar power and electric vehicles (EV's), some buildings and facilities offer priority shaded parking for hybrid and electric cars, or even locate vehicle recharging stations under solar parking structures or canopies.

ONTILITY will be happy to work with your organization and project stakeholders to determine if solar car parking structures and canopies is a good choice for your building or facility.