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Case Studies: Solar and Greenovation

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions
Challenge: Smith & Associates, a global electronics and supply chain solutions leader, recognized a need for change in its environmental and sustainability practices. As the problem of resource scarcity became a growing topic of concern for the environment, Smith took action to become a part of the solution. An industry pioneer among independent distributors of electronic components, Smith wanted to be the first in its industry to provide its tech partners sustainable, world class, service. Smith set out to integrate environmental sustainability into its business operations and culture.

Solution: Smith partnered with ONTILITY to create a roadmap for sustainability. The project started with a comprehensive BPI energy audit to set the project baseline. ONTILITY helped Smith set sustainability goals that included installation of a Solar PV System, a building greenovation and creation of an employee driven sustainability group.

Solar PV System Installation: The solar project featured four, separate industry-leading PV systems utilizing a variety of proven and emerging solar PV technologies. The project included a 47kW solar car parking structure using Sanyo 195W bifacial modules. Also incorporated in the project were a 30kW Lumeta Power Ply PV module system, a 25kW SoloPower thin film module system and a 36kW Schuco PV module system featuring Cooper Arista racking. To convert the DC electricity to AC electricity the solar PV systems were designed to connect to industry leading inverters, including: two (2) 3-phase 12kw Fronius IG Plus inverters, two (2) 3-phase Advanced Energy 30kW inverters and one (1) 3-phase Advanced Energy 50kW inverter. Lastly, the solar project featured DECK monitoring and ONTILITY's custom solar car parking structure. To maximize the solar power production and excess power, Smith teamed with Green Mountain Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, by participating in the Renewable Rewards® Buy-Back Program.

Greenovation - Green Building: The Greenovation project featured the following energy efficiency improvements; a brand new HVAC system and controls, LED parking lot lights, energy efficient HID exterior building lights, a new DOE approved white "Cool Roof" membrane with added insulation and six dual station GE electric vehicle charging stations.

Smith and Associates Green and Sustainability Corporate Program: Smith created a green/sustainable team that focuses on making the entire global enterprise more sustainable. Some initial components of the program include, free monthly Electric Vehicles (EV) for model employees, and an improved recycling and reuse program. Smith is also providing free EV charging both at their corporate HQ and at home thanks to free GE EV residential charging stations.

Benefit: Smith saw significant energy savings as a result of the building greenovation. A test out or final energy audit to verify actual performance and savings was completed and showed a 70% decrease in energy consumption and $200,000 in savings on energy cost.

One of the greatest benefits of the project has been to the environment. Smith's focus on sustainability has allowed the company to reduce its carbon footprint and use of the world's finite resources.