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Logistics – ONTILITY Handles the Details

ONTILITY has a multi-million dollar solar distribution inventory and an experienced operations team available to support your on-the-job, immediate needs. We have the solar products and energy efficiency products you need when you need them, from the vendors you trust, at the best prices.
ONTILITY has multiple warehouses with thousands of square feet strategically located to ensure that the product is onsite fast eliminating installer down time. In most instances ONTILITY can provide same day or overnight delivery.
ONTILITY has extensive strategic relationships with national carriers to provide our partners the industry’s lowest nationwide shipping price. ONTILITY also has a return policy for credit or replacement of unopened product less than $5000 when retuned within 30 days of original invoice.

Guaranteed Safe and On Time Shipping

ONTILITY’s containerized logistics solutions provide Guaranteed Safe® and Guaranteed On Time® delivery of solar products and materials.

Guaranteed On Time® - Trying to make a project deadline? Trying to deliver your project before a rebate or incentive ends? Want to be 100% certain you will have your products and supplies onsite and ready for your installation? ONTILITY’s Guaranteed On Time® logistics and container solution provides a 100% guarantee that your products and supplies will be onsite and ready to install when you need them. Additionally, your shipment will arrive in its own secure container that can be used for project storage. Your container will be dropped off and picked up exactly when needed. We make it easy.

Guaranteed Safe® - Traditional shipping options often result in damaged solar materials and supplies. In the solar industry, damaged supplies and products lead to project delays, scheduling conflicts, and mostly importantly, financial losses. ONTILITY’s Guaranteed Safe® logistics and container solution keeps your products and supplies protected, safe and secure from point to point and throughout the construction phase of your project. Just let us know when your project is complete or you are ready to send back your container and ONTILITY will schedule the pickup.

Onsite Storage Options

ONTILITY’s Onsite Secure® containerized logistics solutions provides onsite and secure storage of solar products and supplies delivered to the jobsite.

Onsite Secure® - Solar products and supplies are typically large and challenging to store and secure. Additionally, onsite and local storage often poses logistical problems and challenges for solar integrators and contractors. ONTILITY’s Onsite Secure® containerized storage solution provides a safe onsite storage option for your project tools, materials and supplies. Your container will be dropped off and picked up exactly when needed.

ONTILITY provides custom packaged PV system kits tailored to meet specific system demands and balance of material requests. Whether it’s a 1 kilowatt or 1 megawatt kit, ONTILITY can design, package and ship every single component needed for the specified system.

ONTILITY utilizes an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to expedite the quote request process in order to get the product delivered onsite faster. This ERP system is powered by industry leading technology that enables our Sales Representatives to access accounting and inventory data in real time so that our partners always have the most up to date information on equipment lead time.

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