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ONTILITY Solar Training Courses

NABCEP Certification | PV System Design | Solar Business and Sales | NABCEP CE Credits

Professional Solar Training is Your Path to Success in the Growing Solar Industry!

Each One of Our Students Has The Same Goal

Our Students come from all walks of life and have one thing in common; they all want to enter the growing solar energy industry. Many of our solar training students are:

Our students have become NABCEP Certified PV Installers and system design engineers and launched solar businesses. Also, expanded existing businesses and many are excited to have jobs with solar companies and electrical contractors nationwide.

Solar Training Courses for Every Need

We can help you choose the right class to meet your company's solar training needs.

ONTILITY's offers a full curriculum of advanced professional solar training courses to meet the needs of variety of student populations including: ONTILTY is a highly agile and professional solar training organization able to meet our client needs for solar training at any location and on a wide variety of topics. We proudly offer: ONTILITY has trained over 3,000 students and prepared them, at training locations throughout North America, for a job in the Solar Industry
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Accredited and Certified by the Best
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"I enjoyed the way Brian presented this course and made the hard stuff sound easy. I learned alot and had to work each day but it's one of the best professional class I ever took. "... Ralph Gordon, Total Solar Company, LLC

Our Instructors are Qualified Professionals
NABCEP Certification NABCEP Certification NABCEP Certification
NABCEP approved and IREC Accredited Solar Training NABCEP approved and IREC Accredited Solar Training NABCEP approved and IREC Accredited Solar Training
Nationally Recognized Solar Training Program
In 2009, The U.S. Dept. of Energy recognized our solar training program and we were selected as one of nine Regional Training Providers to help guide solar energy training program development within educational institutions.

As a member of the Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN) ONTILITY serves as the Regional Solar Training Provider for two regions, South Central, and Mid Atlantic. ONTILITY's Solar Training Program has also teamed with Penn State as the Solar Training provider for the National Energy Leadership with the mission to develop cost effective low energy housing with solar power.

ONTILITY's Solar Training Course is a combination of lecture, hands on training, on-the-job training, real world solar applications, solar contractor training, National Electrical Code (NEC) information, explanations of State and Federal tax credit incentives, and solar installation contractor requirements.

We Offer Professional and Accredited Courses

ONTILITY provides accredited solar training delivered by professional instructors who are NABCEP Certified Installers, and IREC Certified solar trainers. Our solar training program adheres to the solar training industry's best practices and administration processes consistent with our NABCEP and IREC/ISPQ accreditations and certifications. Our solar training courses are accredited by the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ), an international accreditation and certification body whose U.S. program is administered by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

Hands-On PV System Installation Training

"The PV Training classes are interactive and include a lot of class participation," said Stephen Shelton. "The 'on-the-job solar-installation-training' includes the complete installation of a fully functional solar electric system, from installing the solar panels on the roof to the balance of systems which are completely wired and functioning. The two days of hands-on solar installation training includes all materials and tools to do the job right."

The courses follow the ISPQ standards and NABCEP PV task analysis including recommended safety procedures, system design, electrical code and industry standard practices.

"The 40-hours of instruction include classroom and hands-on instruction with real life solar site-specific knowledge," said Janet Hughes. "The hands-on solar training is thorough with in-the-field solar site analysis, mechanical and electrical PV system design based on specific site conditions, site-specific safety issues and construction issues. The solar installation trainees use tools and test equipment, best practice construction skills and learn about specific site code and inspection issues. It's a very comprehensive and thorough training regimen."

Who should take the class?

  • Anyone interested in a career in solar energy
  • Contractors, home builders, developers and others
    interested in expanding their businesses
  • Entrepreneurs who want to explore business
    opportunities in solar energy

What will you learn?

  • An introduction to solar radiation, photovoltaic technologies and systems
  • An overview of system types and components
  • Site survey and analysis techniques and methods
  • Electricity basics and an introduction to the NEC
  • Design and use of grid-tied and grid-tied-with-battery-back-up systems
  • Introduction to inverters, charge controllers and other
    balance-of-system components
  • Overview of electrical utility systems and requirements for
    interacting with electrical utilities
  • Introduction to permitting, inspection, commissioning, documentation
    and labeling requirements
  • System maintenance practices and procedures.

How to get NACEP PV Certification?

ONTILITY's World Class Training Facility

Completed Install of the PV System - Hands-On Training

PV Install in Progress. Mounting Flashings Installed.

Hands-On PV Installer Training Roof and Equipment

PV Installer Safety Equipment and Installation Materials

PV Cell and Module Training and Testing Station
Off-Grid Solar Training, Inverter and Battery Testing Station

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