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Entry Level Solar Electric Training   (S-103)

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Solar Electric Training, published by ONTILITY
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Class Description
This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of solar technologies and a study of the history and current state of the solar photovoltaic industry. Course content includes:
  • An introduction to solar radiation, photovoltaic technologies and systems
  • An overview of system types and components
  • Site survey and analysis techniques and methods
  • Electricity basics and an introduction to the NEC
  • Study of the design and use of grid-tied and grid-tied-with-battery-back-up systems
  • Introduction to inverters, charge controllers and other balance-of-system components
  • Overview of electrical utility systems and requirements for interacting with electrical utilities
  • Instruction regarding permitting, inspection, commissioning, documentation and labeling requirements and system maintenance practices and procedures.
The course provides hands-on training exercises and labs. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the tools used to complete site evaluations, perform necessary measurements and calculations, and specify balance of system components required to complete a fully-functional solar PV system installation. Safe use and storage of required tools will also be covered, along with OSHA and NEC safety codes.


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